Inclusive Exeter CIC

Inclusive Exeter CIC brings together groups and individuals from diverse communities across the city of Exeter and beyond. They are a community-led organisation which holds and facilitates activities and events to improve relationships between communities and local and national services, fostering better integration and reduced isolation.

How we helped …


Inclusive Exeter required a website to be made. They had an allocated budget from the council which they could not exceed. Maghrib Media was approached to create a website for them using a template that they had provided. We wanted to provide the best possible website within the guidelines of what Inclusive Exeter had defined.

Our Work

Maghrib Media originally started working on building the website using the template that had been supplied. During the development period we hit a problem which involved Inclusive Exeter’s content for the website. We arranged a meeting with Inclusive Exeter and we decided to put the project on hold until everything was ready from them.

Upon resuming the project it was agreed Maghrib Meda would shift their focus on working on the technical aspects of migration and deployment of the website as the client wanted to do work on the content.


Maghrib Media had to show great flexibility and pivot their work for Inclusive Exeter as the requirements for the project had drastically changed over the timeline of the project. By the end of the project, we were able to work with Inclusive Exeter and successfully launch their website before the deadline.

I commissioned Maghrib Media to facilitate a website setup project. It took me and colleagues longer than expected to prepare the content, which disrupted timescales. My colleagues and I devised a plan to get timescales back on track and initially I was slightly worried this might not work well with Maghrib Media. However, they were very understanding especially where requirements had changed mid-project. Maghrib Media were very flexible in coming on board with the changes I proposed and the project got completed in good time in the end.