iQra International

Iqra international is a charity which is renowned around the world, they focus on providing aid to Muslim majority countries.

How we helped …


We were asked to create an information brochure for Ramadan. The brochure showcases their current projects, a success story, key dates for upcoming events, information for volunteers and donation details.

The purpose of the brochure was to feature iQra International’s accomplishments to help people understand their operations.

The main focus was to maintain readability for people who are not native English speakers whilst being highly informative.

Our Work

We arranged an initial meeting with the team at iQra International to understand their requirements so that we could get the final product just right for them. After internal discussion, our team produced the first version to submit to iQra International. We asked for feedback so that we can further refine the product. Succeeding the feedback session, we returned to our team to revise the original design.
This set of images are the brochures that we had originally designed and presented to iQra International. Our target was to effectively fit all the provided information on the leaflet as possible as well maintaining readability, attractiveness and incorporating the brand colours
Whilst the deadline was fast approaching, we received a call from iQra International telling us that they’d like to make some major changes to the leaflet including changing their brand colours. With the deadline now extremely tight, we managed to divert our resources and ensure iQra International received the care that they deserved and a brochure they were proud of.
The second set of images are the final images that went on to be printed. These were produced after the last-minute major changes were requested by iQra International. We advised them on the pros and cons of the design elements that they considered. The final product was the best compromise that we came to without sacrificing effective design practices.


iQra International was very impressed with our artwork and progressed to have them shared at events across the UK. One of their main points of distribution was at East London Mosque during peak periods. The brochure we had created for iQra International was grouped with their excellent campaign and their previous successes to support them in making Ramadan 2019 their most successful up to then, raising a total above £75,000 – a massive 28% increase from the year before.

The team at Maghrib Media were very understanding of our needs as a charity and were extremely valuable to our campaign which was the most successful up to then. We hope to work again in future projects.