University of Exeter ISoc

Exeter Islamic Society (ISoc) is a organisation which is run by Muslim students within the Exeter University establishment. The society is place for Muslim students to meet and attend Islam orientated events held by the ISoc.

How we helped …


Exeter ISoc were looking for a way to boost their memberships by providing their members an incentive.

They approached us with the concept of bespoke membership cards. The focus of the membership cards was to distribute them within their membership base. These cards would allow members to attain discounts to their events and selected shops based in and around Exeter.

Our Work

Maghrib Media were supplied with a wireframe of how the end product should appear. The materials given to us were not at an adequate standard to go to print and needed much work. Being funded purely by membership and the university, we were informed that the budget would be a major issue as they didn’t have the largest amount of cash flow. After considering all aspects of the project on hand, we began production whilst focusing on providing them the best possible service and product at a price point that worked for them.

These images showcase the front and back of the membership cards respectively.


Upon delivery of the membership cards, the responses given to us by the team at Exeter ISoc were incredibly pleasing to hear.

They were highly satisfied with Maghrib Media’s service, product and execution. The membership cards were pleasantly accepted as an incentive for new members as well as existing ones.

Within the first 3 months of printing the membership cards, Exeter ISoc’s membership base grew by a massive 15%.

Local businesses, who affiliate with Exeter ISoc, have also been sharing the success.

Very efficient and trustworthy. Good price as well. Great service. Do recommend to anyone looking for such services.